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Our volume 3D printing services are flexible, fast and affordable. Get market-ready parts or products printed in the UK and delivered globally!

Simply send us your file (.stl would be great but we can work with most file formats), we’ll review it and let you know if there’s any concerns or to clarify your requirements and then send you a price.  Printing in many cases can be as quick as 24 hours!

The 3D printing specialists

We can print one off prints to print runs of typically between 1 & 15,000 parts filling the gap where traditional injection molding processes are too costly or inflexible. We can either take your existing design or you can work with our designers to come up with the product you want and then have it printed!

Specialists in volume and large
format FDM and SLS
3D printing

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1 to 15,000 parts from
the largest 3D print
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1 – Send us your Design

An stl or obj would be great, but we can work with most file formats.  If you are concerned about confidentiality, we’re used to non-disclosure agreements and will happily work under one.

2 – Review & Estimate

We’ll review the file, get in touch if we need any clarifications and discuss any concerns, then send you a price for your approval.  We aim to respond to all enquiries within 4 hours.

3 – File Preparation

Once you’re happy to proceed, we’ll prepare the file for printing.  We’ll usually save this print data for any repeat orders in the future but if you’d prefer us not to, that’s ok!

4 – Printing!

Then its over to the printers…..we have over 40!  If your order needs more than one, we pride ourselves on having the capacity to turn your order around quickly by using multiple machines, have you seen our video?

5 – Packing and Dispatch

Lastly, your order is prepared for packing.  We’ll remove support material where it was needed and carefully package your order before sending it for next day delivery.