Midlands 3D is based in Stone, Staffordshire and provides low cost, flexible 3D printing from one of the largest desktop 3D printer farms in the UK, bridging the gap between one-off prototyping and high volume injection moulding.

We can print one off prints to print runs of typically between 1 & 5,000 parts filling the gap where traditional injection molding processes are too costly or inflexible.  We can either take your existing design or you can work with our designers to come up with the product you want and then have it printed!

There’s great potential for using on-demand manufacturing like this….here’s a few ideas:

  • Marketing & Promotion – Event giveaways, Display items, Special Edition certified models, Gamification awards (We’ll even drop ship for you!) …the list is limited only by yours and our imagination.
  • Prototypes – Whilst we don’t use £250k machines, we can provide amazing mock-ups in specialist prototyping materials which can serve many purposes at a fraction of the cost.
  • Production use parts – In some applications, a simple 3D printed part is more than capable of satisfying the requirement without the need for costly injection moulding.
  • Parts for startups which need to keep costs and inventory to a minimum (remember, we manufacture the amount you need, when you need them!)Short run parts that may change regularly.

“The print quality was much better than I expected. The service was amazingly flexible and adaptable to my needs, timescales and even collection availability. Paul’s communication was excellent, he was very quick to answer questions and help out. I couldn’t recommend him enough.”

Molly – 3D Hubs Customer

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