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Our Services

HP Multi Jet Fusion

Industrial grade nylon parts for one-off and volume manufacturing

We invested in HP’s top of the range and indsutry leading 5200 series MJF technology to provide the very best in powder based additive manufacturing at the best prices in the industry.  Our dedicated MJF facility houses the full ecosystem of equipment operated by our own HP certified team members.

The 5200 was a huge leap forward for HP, developed from the ground up for volume manufacturing and the most efficient use of materials when compared to the 4200 predecessor, enabling us to offer a price guarantee for the cheapest MJF printing service without compromising on quality.

MJF parts are fully isotropic meaning they provide strength from forces in all directions.  This strength and superior surface finish places MJF parts ahead of other technologies such as FDM and SLS for both functional and aesthetic parts.

In summary…

    • No need for support material – all surfaces of uniform quality
    • Strong, functional end use parts – parts are isotropic
    • Virtually no limitations on part geometry – no need for flat surfaces to build from

Fusion Deposition Modeling (FDM/FFF)

Low cost prototyping and volume manufacturing in a vast range of materials & colours

Our FDM 3d printing service offers volume, large format and custom material options for providing a low cost option for both one-off and batch production.  FDM offers the largest range of materials and colours whilst being extremely cost effective.  With over 100 machines, we have the capability to provide super fast turnaround times and fast response to your urgent orders.

In summary…

    • Widest range of materials – from decorative to engineering
    • Best suited to cost effective printing – form and function is more important than detail
    • Volume 3d printing – great for low cost batch 
    • Large format 3d printing – up to 1200mm in X or Z and 1000mm in Y