Our transparent approach to pricing

Discounts & Trade

Last Update: October 2023

We don’t have a minimum order or setup charge!

Many of our customers will place repeat orders for the same models and we understand that some parts are small and don’t really warrant a minimum order charge, so we do not charge either a setup or minimum order charge!

Standard Discounts

Discounts are applied to unit pricing based on quantity ordered as follows:

Qty Discount
1+ 0%
2+ 5%
10+ 10%
50+ 15%
100+ 20%
250+ 25%
1000+ 30%


Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards, payment by invoice by arrangement and bank transfer.

How much will it cost?

We’d love to be able to work to set pricing and even give you a price over the phone based on a description, but every quotation is unique to the model being printed so to give you the most competitive and realistic quotation, we need to generate the price from your 3d model.

Every print job has many possible variations such as material, resolution and infill and post processing requirements, not to mention the model size and complexity itself.  We’ll review your model for printability and and then generate a cost either using our online quotation or, for larger jobs manually calculating the best price possible.

Trade Accounts

We can provide our trade clients with 30 day credit terms by prior agreement.

All trade accounts are subject to credit checks and are reviewed periodically.

Please Contact us for more information.

Manufacturing Partner Agreements

The flexibility of 3D printing means you’ll almost certainly have changing needs and new models requiring printing on a regular basis.  Our Manufacturing Partner Agreements provide you with the flexibility of ordering the parts you need when you need them regardless of quantity, and still have custom discounts applied.

Please Contact us for more information.

Protecting your Intellectual Property (IP)

As much as we’d love to share the amazing projects and parts we produce for our clients, all orders are treated as confidential.  We will not share images, client names, part details or otherwise without your prior consent.

If you’d like to formalise this agreement with a signed NDA before sending models to us please contact us.  In the vast majority of cases, all work is completed in-house using our own staff, machines and capabilities.