Big 3D prints for big ideas!

Large Format

Large format printing is increasingly popular for oversize application such as large engineering jigs, visual merchandising, scaled up product displays, film, television and theatre props and super sized models for events,… the opportunities are limitless.  If it can be printed small, it can be printed BIG!

Our specialists in large format 3d printing will review your requirement, advise what method of printing is most suited and can provide you with a customised quote.  From low cost PLA to more specialist materials for outdoor applications, every application is different so we like to work with you to ensure the best possible price and end result.

Advice is free and we’d be happy to discuss your requirement to check printability, suggest ways to manage costs and help out any way we can.  We are of course happy to sign Non-disclosure Agreements for your own peace of mind, although we always treat every order and converstion with the strictest confidence.



Single Piece Machine Sizes

Our machines cater for large, tall and wide, but we can also print in sections to assemble much larger prints.


Print Dimensions (x,y,z) Ideal for…
1000 x 1000 x 1000mm Large cubic style prints  
600 x 600 x 1200mm Tall prints
600 x 1200 x 600mm Wide prints


In need of an even larger 3D print?

There’s almost no size limitation for your 3D print as its possible to build up the final model in sections, assemble and post-process the model creating the impression of a single print.  If ou have a .stl or .obj 3d model already part way there, lets discuss your requirement.