We take confidentiality seriously

Protecting your IP

Non-Disclosure Agreements


By default we treat all customer communication, projects and models as confidential, and will only share with your express permission.

However, we understand you may prefer to have a formal NDA in place.  We have standard documents ready to go, or we’d be happy to review your own document if you prefer.

If you’d like a formal NDA in place before sharing your project details, please contact us.


How we protect your Intellectual Property

At Midlands 3D, we understand the importance of keeping our customers’ projects confidential. We know that our customers trust us with their proprietary information, and we take that trust very seriously. We are committed to ensuring that our customers’ projects remain confidential throughout the duration of our engagement, and we have implemented several measures to achieve that goal.

First and foremost, we require all employees, partners, and contractors to sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) that prohibit them from disclosing any confidential information they may come across during the course of their work. Our NDAs are legally binding agreements that provide our customers with the peace of mind that their confidential information is protected.

We also implement strict access controls to ensure that only authorized personnel have access to our customers’ projects. We limit access to sensitive information to only those employees who need it to perform their job responsibilities. We also ensure that all access to our systems and networks is monitored and logged, so we can quickly detect any unauthorized access attempts.

Finally, we recognize that education and awareness are critical to maintaining the confidentiality of our customers’ projects. We provide regular training and support to our employees, partners, and contractors to ensure that they understand the importance of confidentiality and how to protect our customers’ confidential information.

At Midlands 3D, we are committed to protecting our customers’ projects’ confidentiality. We believe that maintaining the highest levels of confidentiality is essential for fostering trust and building strong, long-lasting relationships with our customers.