Printers & Materials

Our print farm consists of a mix of high reliability desktop machines which are ideal for printing great quality plastic (mostly PLA, ABS or carbon fibre reinforced PLA) prints, and the market leading Zortrax printers which are used solely for high quality prototyping in a range of dedicated materials.

maxresdefault (1)Volume Production – We excel in our ability to run multiple machines as one, operating as an on-demand manufacturing facility to deliver plastic prints quickly.  A simple dash-cam mount for one of our customers can see a delivery of over 200 items in just 3 hours!  Read our case study which describes how we took a concept to a design, to reality and mass production in days.

Think about customised parts for your products, staff and customer giveaways, brackets, clamps, keyrings, ornaments, company logos…the list is endless.  Where intricate dimensional accuracy is less important than form, basic function, cost and flexibilityfb_1200x628_miniaturka-copy, PLA prints are likley to provide exactly what you are looking for.  Where accuracy is key, our machines can deliver to tolerances of +/- 0.2% accuracy and a layer height of as little as 90 microns!

We’re realistic about what we’re good at and whilst we certainly aren’t trying to replicate high accuracy commercial prototyping, if like many of our customers, you are company or designer wanting to touch and feel your design to evaluate shape, form and basic function our prototyping capability is for you.  with a combination of the Zortrax and Z-Ultrat material provides a highly cost-effective way to handle the part without breaking the bank, allowing you re-print without worrying too much about cost.