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Transform and innovate your business model with large format 3D printing

3D printing for Industry

By now, a good portion of the population has heard of it (unless you’ve been living under a rock, then there’s a good chance you haven’t.) 3D printing is the process in which a three-dimensional digital model is printed into a physical object. This innovative technology has steadily gained popularity with manufacturers and smaller businesses who it was previously inaccessible to.

 Demand is growing for this service, due to the revolutionary benefits of using this machinery.

These include the following:

  • Fast rates of production. This machinery can print objects within the space of several hours, depending on the level of complexity in the design.
  • You get to print on demand. One of the biggest obstacles in running a business is finding the space to stock inventory. Piles of miscellaneous items crammed into your home isn’t ideal, and the cost of renting space to store your goods can be expensive. As a business, you want to minimise your expenditure in any way possible, so this is where we step in. It’s quick and affordable when compared to alternative manufacturing methods.
  • It’s incredibly cost effective. Since this manufacturing process can be done in one step, our 3D printing service prevents the need for other machinery to be employed. The biggest cost in 3D printing is the actual machinery itself. Therefore, outsourcing your manufacturing needs is affordable because you don’t have to create large volumes of components and assemble them. (To do that when you only want to prototype an item is an expensive and extremely wasteful process. One of our aims is to be an environmentally sustainable company – which is something we’ll delve into a little more.)

When would I need to use large format 3D printing?

Large product 3D printing is most commonly used for items above .05m cubed. With this technology, the options for printable objects are endless. Aerospace prototypes, billboards, true to scale lorry panels are a few examples. Miniature designs can be enlarged greatly too. All we need is the three-dimensional digital design to create the printed version.

How do we differ from other 3D printing companies?

Here at Midlands 3D, we’re a friendly team of printing specialists who offer full guidance to all of our customers. In every purchase, we guarantee the most cost-efficient deal, along with our expert advice on the most appropriate printing methods for your goods.

When printing large items, it’s important to know that there is no other economical way of manufacturing large parts in low volumes. With this in mind, our mission is to create a successfully resource-efficient company. Our dedicated team of specialists aim to provide the ultimate eco-friendly 3D printing service both nationwide and globally. By using recycled plastics to create a higher level of sustainability, we’ve hit many of our environmental targets already. But we aren’t stopping here.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out – find our details under the contact section