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Startups and SMEs are missing out by not exploiting 3D Printing

3D printing is still a largely un-tapped resource and with companies often jumping to the conclusion that injection moulding is the only option, organisations are missing a huge opportunity.


Bridging the gap to injection moulding

A regular customer recently asked if I could re-work a design to make it more cost effective for 3d printing at scale and I was more than happy to oblige!  The part in question was a universal bracket for mounting security and in-vehicle cameras.  As ever, it was a design that didn't really warrant the… Continue reading Bridging the gap to injection moulding


Looking to the future….

A little over three years ago I entered the world of 3d printing which combined a whole host of the things I love to do, designing things, making things and the possibility of selling things.  A lot has changed in those three years and its an eternity in the fast paced development of 3d printing.  What started… Continue reading Looking to the future….